Retro Trailer For The 1986 Horror Movie DEADTIME STORIES

This week’s throwback takes us to the chilling world of the 1986 horror flick, Deadtime Tales—a macabre anthology that weaves collectively a tapestry of terrifying tales, all enveloped by a easy but spine-tingling premise.

Our journey unfolds with younger Brian, a lad looking for sleep-inducing narratives from his uncle. However these aren’t your abnormal bedtime tales; as a substitute, they’re a trio of twisted, nightmarish accounts, every progressively extra unsettling than the final, mixing traditional fables with a darkish, horror-infused twist.

The preliminary yarn spins a recent narrative round “Little Crimson Driving Hood,” thrusting a teenage lady right into a hair-raising encounter with a lycanthropic terror. Subsequent up, a malevolent rendition of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” introduces us to a household of maleficent witches colliding with a psychopathic Goldilocks. Lastly, rooted within the lore of a wizard’s apprentice, the ultimate story unveils the tragic journey of Peter, a younger man trying to resurrect his beloved via a mystical potion, solely to plunge right into a nightmarish descent.

Every story, a macabre stroke on the canvas of conventional tales, guarantees an unsettling trip via the shadowy corridors of horror.