Baldur’s Gate 3’s Hotfix Addresses Extra Than 150 Points Together with Savegame Bug

Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3, the extremely anticipated RPG developed by Larian Studios, has made a powerful debut with a easy launch general. Given the sport’s huge and complex nature, it’s fairly a feat to have minimized points throughout its launch. Nonetheless, as is the case with most complicated video games, just a few bugs managed to slide via the cracks.

Larian Studios wasted no time addressing these issues and not too long ago rolled out its first hotfix, tackling greater than 150 bugs and points reported by gamers. Among the many challenges confronted was a very nasty bug that prevented gamers from saving or loading their recreation—a major concern in a recreation of this magnitude. Although the hotfix doesn’t fully resolve the problem, it’s a step in the proper route. Larian Studios recognized the issue as being associated to cross-saves and has briefly disabled the cross-save performance. They goal to have a whole repair prepared earlier than the PlayStation 5 model’s launch on September 5. Fortuitously, this alteration shouldn’t influence the general gameplay expertise, and gamers’ Steam Cloud saves will stay unaffected.

Larian Studios expressed its gratitude to the participant group for actively reporting points encountered throughout gameplay. As with all large-scale launch, group suggestions is invaluable in refining the gaming expertise. The studio inspired gamers to proceed reaching out to their assist group ought to any difficulties come up.

Furthermore, the builders shared their pleasure for the gamers’ creativity and storytelling prowess. Baldur’s Gate 3 takes place within the beloved Forgotten Realms, and Larian Studios has eagerly anticipated witnessing the varied adventures gamers embark upon on this wealthy and immersive world.

To keep away from any potential spoilers for many who choose a surprise-filled journey, Larian Studios took precautions by concealing main plot particulars within the patch notes on Steam. Whereas the builders acknowledge that spoilers can inadvertently damage the enjoyment of discovery, they consider this measure is critical to protect the joy and thriller for gamers.

In conclusion, Larian Studios has proven a devoted dedication to addressing participant considerations swiftly, guaranteeing a extra fulfilling expertise for everybody. Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to captivate gamers with its huge potentialities, and the group’s ingenuity guarantees to complement the narrative tapestry of the Forgotten Realms. Because the journey unfolds, gamers are inspired to embrace the unpredictable and ever-enticing adventures that lie forward.


  • Mounted probably getting caught in a dialogue within the first confrontation with a serious boss.
  • Mounted a uncommon concern the place participant character states wouldn’t replace correctly after dying.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen associated to considered one of Astarion’s cinematic dialogues within the endgame.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen when loading an previous savegame whereas at Final Gentle.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen when utilizing the mind reader within the Colony.
  • Mounted a problem that might trigger you to get caught in a loading display screen when loading a savegame after dying.
  • Mounted a blocker throughout Character Creation stopping you from progressing when you selected a Zariel tiefling as your Guardian.
  • Mounted a possible crash triggered by the sunshine system.
  • Added an error message to forestall crashes being attributable to mods when beginning the sport.
  • Disabled Larian Account cross-saves briefly to resolve a problem blocking hundreds and saves. Steam cross-saves are unaffected.
  • Mounted a startup crash with the Steam API.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen when quick-loading a recreation whereas a container or corpse was open for looting.
  • Mounted a crash that might occur if an merchandise unlocked a spell for a recreation entity with out stats.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen when switching a race or a category in Character Creation.
  • Mounted potential crashes that might happen when closing screens just like the choices menu or when ending dialogues.
  • Mounted a possible crash when an enemy tries to make use of the Motivator throughout fight within the Metal Watch Foundry.
  • Mounted a blocker that might happen when you select to assault the Emperor throughout a dialogue after you facet with him.
  • Mounted a crash in PhysX.


  • Gamers will now appropriately be a part of cinematic dialogues that require all gamers to be current in the event that they have been listening in beforehand.
  • Mounted a problem that allowed gamers to pay attention to non-public dialogues utilizing the context menu.
  • Mounted a problem inflicting gamers to get caught and never be capable to be a part of a dialogue if another person is already in a dialogue.


  • Mounted hair physics on drow and elf male robust physique varieties.
  • Mounted a problem inflicting section spiders to skip their flip in fight in the event that they’re standing on an internet that’s been destroyed.
  • Mounted a problem with cube rolling, the place retrying might trigger the roll to fail when you have been making use of bonuses and clicking actually quick.
  • Duplicate spells now not seem on followers’ hotbars and you may now not customise their radial menus. (Vital to notice: followers are usually not companions or full celebration members.)
  • Mounted Darkish Urge randomisation in Character Creation for non-white dragonborn characters.
  • Mounted a problem stopping you from interacting with Withers in one of many camp areas.


  • Mounted points in cinematic dialogues when listening in.
  • Mounted a problem inflicting the character fashions for half-orcs, dragonborn, and half-elves to not replace appropriately when unequipping armour within the character sheet.
  • Mounted some points with ready spells throughout Degree Up, when multiclassing.
  • Hid the model quantity throughout dialogues.
  • Mounted splitscreen cinematics exhibiting sampling rubbish.


  • Mounted audio points with grunts, shouts, and moans throughout gameplay and cinematics.
  • Mounted a line being reduce off when talking to the Stressed Myconid within the Underdark.
  • Eliminated a clicking sound in the course of the credit.
  • Mounted audio ranges in a dialogue with Mayrina within the Decrease Metropolis.


  • Mounted a bug inflicting textures to seem in shiny, neon colors.
  • Mounted a splitscreen concern inflicting characters to stay invisible after a dialogue ends.
  • Mounted a side ratio concern when FSR is energetic throughout splitscreen.
  • Mounted floor texture particulars not updating when altering Texture Element within the recreation video choices.


  • Mounted characters wanting within the fallacious route in a dialogue with Mizora.
  • Mounted the Emperor turning backwards in an endgame cinematic.
  • Mounted a digicam concern with the deep rothé.
  • Mounted digicam and lighting points with the unusual ox at Final Gentle.
  • Mounted a clean display screen within the cinematic while you placed on considered one of Auntie Ethel’s masks.
  • The nautiloid crash scene will now play even when your avatar is useless and a companion used the transponder as an alternative.
  • Mounted a problem with clipping characters in a cinematic dialogue within the Colony.
  • Mounted the avatar’s head popping into place in a dialogue within the Colony.
  • Mounted Cazador’s employees disappearing in a cinematic dialogue.
  • Mounted a digicam that was zoomed in too far on a wolf.
  • Mounted Lae’zel’s head popping in a dialogue with Vlaakith.
  • Mounted Orin and her sufferer clipping into an altar.
  • Mounted a blocked digicam within the dialogue with Lunkbug and Laridda.
  • Mounted companions disappearing the morning after the Darkish Urge provides into a selected Urge.
  • Mounted lighting points in a scene with Z’rell at Moonrise Towers.
  • Mounted Araj’s arms clipping when speaking to her within the Decrease Metropolis.
  • Mounted some companions being seen within the background of dialogues the place they shouldn’t be.
  • Mounted Ketheric’s corpse standing again up in an idle pose.
  • Mounted a blocked digicam within the dialogue with the ogres on the Blighted Village.
  • Mounted Raphael popping in the course of the dialogue with the orthon.
  • Mounted digicam, audio, and character motion points within the dialogue with the monk’s amulet.
  • Mounted a looping animation within the cinematic dialogue with the Brewer.
  • Mounted half-orc hirelings clipping when talking to the pale people in Fraygo’s Flophouse.
  • Mounted male halfling Darkish Urge’s hand clipping via his physique when mendacity down.
  • Mounted lighting points within the endgame cinematic.
  • Mounted Jaheira having jittering and popping arms in a dialogue within the Decrease Metropolis.
  • Mounted a repeating animation on the submersible.
  • Mounted Wyll wanting within the fallacious route when recruited.
  • Added reactions to the participant character’s face when speaking to the ox in Final Gentle.
  • Mounted clipping between two Zealots of the Absolute within the Colony.
  • Mounted popping points with Cazador in a number of dialogues with Astarion.
  • Mounted some points with the place characters are going through, animations, and cameras within the ultimate fight cinematic.